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Cant load project

[2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]Log file open, 12/13/15 01:19:25 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit:Display: Running engine for game: Projekt [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogPlatformFile: Not using cached read wrapper [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit:Display: RandInit(-1981030149) SRandInit(-1981030148). [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogTaskGraph: Started task graph with 4 named threads and 7 total threads. [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogStats: Stats thread started at 0.110338 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Version: 4.10.1-2791327+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.10 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: API Version: 2758231 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Compiled (64-bit): Dec 4 2015 19:44:40 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Compiled with Visual C++: 19.00.23026.00 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Build Configuration: Development [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Branch Name: ++depot+UE4-Releases+4.10 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Command line: [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Base directory: C:/Program Files/Epic Games/4.10/Engine/Binaries/Win64/ [2015.12.13-00.19.25:542][ 0]LogInit: Rocket: 1 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: Using libcurl 7.41.0 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - built for x86_64-pc-win32 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - supports SSL with WinSSL [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - other features: [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: CURL_VERSION_SSL [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: CURL_VERSION_IPV6 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: CURL_VERSION_ASYNCHDNS [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: CURL_VERSION_LARGEFILE [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: CURL_VERSION_IDN [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: CurlRequestOptions (configurable via config and command line): [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - bVerifyPeer = true - Libcurl will verify peer certificate [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - bUseHttpProxy = false - Libcurl will NOT use HTTP proxy [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - bDontReuseConnections = false - Libcurl will reuse connections [2015.12.13-00.19.25:611][ 0]LogInit: - CertBundlePath = nullptr - Libcurl will use whatever was configured at build time. [2015.12.13-00.19.25:621][ 0]LogInit: Presizing for 0 objects not considered by GC, pre-allocating 0 bytes. [2015.12.13-00.19.25:627][ 0]LogInit: Object subsystem initialized [2015.12.13-00.19.25:628][ 0]LogInit: Selected Device Profile: [Windows] [2015.12.13-00.19.25:628][ 0]LogInit: Applying CVar settings loaded from the selected device profile: [Windows] [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogInit: Computer: MARCUSDATOR [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogInit: User: marcus [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogInit: CPU Page size=4096, Cores=4 [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogInit: High frequency timer resolution =3.125018 MHz [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogMemory: Memory total: Physical=8.0GB (8GB approx) [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for Windows [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 55.99 MB used, 55.99 MB peak [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 58.68 MB used, 58.68 MB peak [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 4796.14 MB used, 8143.89 MB total [2015.12.13-00.19.25:635][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 381.18 MB used, 134217728.00 MB total [2015.12.13-00.19.25:667][ 0]LogTextLocalizationManager: No translations for ('sv-SE') exist, falling back to 'en' for localization and internationalization data. [2015.12.13-00.19.26:151][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: Found D3D11 adapter 0: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (Feature Level 11_0) [2015.12.13-00.19.26:151][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: Adapter has 1989MB of dedicated video memory, 0MB of dedicated system memory, and 4071MB of shared system memory, 1 output[s] [2015.12.13-00.19.26:153][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: Found D3D11 adapter 1: Microsoft Basic Render Driver (Feature Level 11_0) [2015.12.13-00.19.26:153][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: Adapter has 0MB of dedicated video memory, 0MB of dedicated system memory, and 4071MB of shared system memory, 0 output[s] [2015.12.13-00.19.26:153][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: Chosen D3D11 Adapter Id = 0 [2015.12.13-00.19.26:157][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: !Direct3DDevice [2015.12.13-00.19.26:157][ 0]LogRHI: Texture pool is 1361 MB (70% of 1945 MB) [2015.12.13-00.19.26:168][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: Async texture creation enabled [2015.12.13-00.19.26:183][ 0]LogShaderCompilers: Guid format shader working directory is -17 characters bigger than the processId version (../../../../../../Users/marcus/Documents/Unreal Projects/Projekt/Intermediate/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/8844/). [2015.12.13-00.19.26:183][ 0]LogShaderCompilers: Cleaned the shader compiler working directory 'C:/Users/marcus/AppData/Local/Temp/UnrealShaderWorkingDir/042B00A54FFFDB7A5CF6D6B1E3AF1CE2/'. [2015.12.13-00.19.26:183][ 0]LogShaderCompilers:Display: Using Local Shader Compiler. [2015.12.13-00.19.27:832][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP AllDesktopTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:837][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP WindowsClientTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:842][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP WindowsNoEditorTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:847][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP WindowsServerTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:851][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP WindowsTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:854][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP AndroidTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:857][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_ASTCTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:860][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_ATCTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:862][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_DXTTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:865][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_ETC1TargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:868][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_ETC2TargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:874][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_MultiTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:874][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP Android_PVRTCTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:875][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP HTML5TargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:892][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP IOSTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:896][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP LinuxNoEditorTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:898][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP LinuxServerTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:902][ 0]LogTemp:Display: Loaded TP LinuxTargetPlatform [2015.12.13-00.19.27:902][ 0]LogTargetPlatformManager:Display: Building Assets For Windows [2015.12.13-00.19.27:984][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache:Display: Max Cache Size: 512 MB [2015.12.13-00.19.28:028][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: Loaded boot cache 0.04s 41MB C:/Users/marcus/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.10/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc. [2015.12.13-00.19.28:028][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache:Display: Loaded Boot cache: C:/Users/marcus/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.10/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc [2015.12.13-00.19.28:028][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: FDerivedDataBackendGraph: Pak pak cache file ../../../../../../Users/marcus/Documents/Unreal Projects/Projekt/DerivedDataCache/DDC.ddp not found, will not use a pak cache. [2015.12.13-00.19.28:028][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: Unable to find inner node Pak for hierarchical cache Hierarchy. [2015.12.13-00.19.28:028][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: FDerivedDataBackendGraph: CompressedPak pak cache file ../../../../../../Users/marcus/Documents/Unreal Projects/Projekt/DerivedDataCache/Compressed.ddp not found, will not use a pak cache. [2015.12.13-00.19.28:028][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: Unable to find inner node CompressedPak for hierarchical cache Hierarchy. [2015.12.13-00.19.28:083][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache:Display: Pak cache opened for reading ../../../Engine/DerivedDataCache/Compressed.ddp. [2015.12.13-00.19.28:095][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: Using Local data cache path C:/Users/marcus/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/Common/DerivedDataCache: Writable [2015.12.13-00.19.28:274][ 0]LogInit: Selected Device Profile: [Windows] [2015.12.13-00.19.28:278][ 0]LogContentStreaming: Texture pool size is 0.000000MB [2015.12.13-00.19.28:378][ 0]LogMeshUtilities: No automatic mesh reduction module available [2015.12.13-00.19.28:378][ 0]LogMeshUtilities: No automatic mesh merging module available [2015.12.13-00.19.28:615][ 0]LogInit: WinSock: version 1.1 (2.2), MaxSocks=32767, MaxUdp=65467 [2015.12.13-00.19.29:486][ 0]UdpMessaging: Initializing bridge on interface to multicast group [2015.12.13-00.19.29:581][ 0]LogAssetRegistry: FAssetRegistry took 0.0113 seconds to start up [2015.12.13-00.19.29:724][ 0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled [2015.12.13-00.19.29:725][ 0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled [2015.12.13-00.19.29:734][ 0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled [2015.12.13-00.19.29:744][ 0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled [2015.12.13-00.19.29:963][ 0]LogObj: 28633 objects as part of root set at end of initial load. [2015.12.13-00.19.29:963][ 0]LogUObjectAllocator: 6099752 out of 0 bytes used by permanent object pool. [2015.12.13-00.19.30:015][ 0]LogEngine: Initializing Engine... [2015.12.13-00.19.30:017][ 0]LogHMD: Can't find Oculus library dev build: is proper Runtime installed? Version: [2015.12.13-00.19.30:021][ 0]LogHMD: SteamVR failed to initialize. Err: 108 [2015.12.13-00.19.30:131][ 0]LogAIModule: Creating AISystem for world NewWorld [2015.12.13-00.19.30:137][ 0]LogInit: XAudio2 using 'Högtalare (Realtek High Definition Audio)' : 4 channels at 44.1 kHz using 32 bits per sample (channel mask 0x33) [2015.12.13-00.19.30:146][ 0]LogInit: FAudioDevice initialized. [2015.12.13-00.19.30:168][ 0]LogDerivedDataCache: Saved boot cache 0.02s 41MB C:/Users/marcus/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.10/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc. [2015.12.13-00.19.30:172][ 0]LogInit: Texture streaming: Enabled [2015.12.13-00.19.30:177][ 0]LogAnalytics: Creating configured Analytics provider AnalyticsET [2015.12.13-00.19.30:178][ 0]LogAnalytics: [UEEditor.Rocket.Release] APIServer = http://et2.epicgames.com/ET2/. AppVersion = 4.10.1-2791327+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.10 [2015.12.13-00.19.30:178][ 0]LogAnalytics: [UEEditor.Rocket.Release] SetUserId bfa886ab4d3a265f75917db035208f6e|07b9974a76b04721874aa36f6d32a7e8|c80231c8-e43c-4608-9269-e14da25e6deb [2015.12.13-00.19.30:178][ 0]LogAnalytics: [UEEditor.Rocket.Release] AnalyticsET::StartSession [2015.12.13-00.19.30:306][ 0]LogInit: Transaction tracking system initialized [2015.12.13-00.19.30:342][ 0]BlueprintLog: New page: Editor Load [2015.12.13-00.19.30:437][ 0]LocalizationService: Info Localization service is disabled [2015.12.13-00.19.30:510][ 0]LogConsoleResponse:Display: [2015.12.13-00.19.30:943][ 0]LogCook:Display: Done creating registry. It took 0.00s. [2015.12.13-00.19.31:063][ 0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled [2015.12.13-00.19.31:063][ 0]Cmd: MAP LOAD FILE="../../../../../../Users/marcus/Documents/Unreal Projects/Projekt/Content/FirstPersonBP/Maps/FirstPersonExampleMap.umap" TEMPLATE=0 SHOWPROGRESS=1 FEATURELEVEL=3 [2015.12.13-00.19.31:194][ 0]LightingResults: New page: Lighting Build [2015.12.13-00.19.31:197][ 0]MapCheck: New page: Map Check [2015.12.13-00.19.31:197][ 0]LightingResults: New page: Lighting Build [2015.12.13-00.19.31:207][ 0]LogParticles: Destroying 0 GPU particle simulations for FXSystem 0x00000006F0D7EAC0 [2015.12.13-00.19.31:639][ 0]LogFileCache: Scanning file cache for directory 'C:/Users/marcus/Documents/Unreal Projects/Projekt/Content/' took 0.60s [2015.12.13-00.19.41:310][ 0]LogWindows:Error: Windows GetLastError: Åtgärden har slutförts. (0)

Product Version: UE 4.10
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asked Dec 13 '15 at 06:57 PM in Using UE4

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avatar image CMJones Dec 29 '15 at 11:53 PM

i might be able to awnser the Q if you tell me wat all this means

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